Parenting Speakers/Presentations/Materials/Sites

There’s something so…magical…joyful…inviting…about bridges! Let’s build some!

Empathy builds a bridge. Anger builds a wall.
Every parenting choice we make constructs one or the other.
Bridges connect. Walls divide.
Parents and children connected are on the same team. Parents and children divided are opponents.
Bridges invite exploration. Walls block access.
Families exploring together have the world as their playground. Families walled off from one another are just people living in boxes.
Choose connection. Build bridges. Cheer on the home team. Play. Learn. Explore. Together! 
~Here are some ideas on how to start connecting~

Jesus, The Gentle Parent

Confession and A Challenge

A Tale Of Two Worlds

Gentle Discipline Resources

Too Late For Teens

Spare the Rod: The Heart of the Matter

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