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~THE WEEKLY READER~September 26, 2011

~The Weekly Reader~

September 26, 2011


The best parenting tips, stories, and articles from around the blogosphere! Grab a cuppa and enjoy!




~Quote of the week~

“I always personally reference how Jesus treated his disciples – a group of unruly, uneducated, fishermen. He never yelled, hit, punched, belittled…yet they came to know and love the Lord with their entire beings – all through his gentle, firm, loving teachings. That is how I want to parent my children.” ~ Radosny Matka via Gentle Christian Mothers



~Christian parenting post of the week~

Spanking…..The Post I Finally Had to Write
“I look at the recorded life of Christ as an example to be emulated.  The encounter in John, chapter eight exemplifies how those who clung to Mosaic law brought an adulterer before him and encouraged him to participate in stoning her.  It was scripture.  It was law.  But Christ refused, inviting those who were perfect to cast the first stone.  He corrected her with words and with love, rather than punishing her with pain.” via Not Just Cute
~Lol of the week~ 

You Might Be a Homeschooler If…

“Having a Parent/Teacher conference means you are talking to yourself again…” via Homeschool Netcast Network



~Science/Psychology news of the week~

It’s Time to Change The Way We Parent Our Children
“If you want your child to internalize your values, fear won’t work. Children learn to integrate their parents’ morals into their lives through a loving relationship. As parents show patience, kindness, empathy and self control in the relationship with their child, the child begins to internalize those values. The parent-child relationship becomes a model for other relationships in the child’s life. Through a secure attachment with parents, children understand that the behavior expected by their parents is in their own self-interest.” via Real Child Development

~Outreach Opportunity of the week~

LoveOnJapan OperationSAFE

 In disaster zones, refugee camps, and orphanages around the world compassionate workers struggle to keep up with the overwhelming numbers of children who need care. This is where OperationSAFE is making a difference and so can you. OperationSAFE teaches children five important principles to emotional recovery and even survival. A proverb states “The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?” With stories, crafts, songs, and games, children learn at their level, make friends, share their experiences and regain hope.


~Extra! Extra! of the week~

“Physical punishment is considered too severe for felons, murderers, criminals of all kinds and ages, including juvenile delinquents, too demeaning for soldiers, sailors, servants and spouses. But it remains legal and acceptable for children who are innocent of any crime.” via The Natural Child Project





  ~Extra! Extra! Extra! of the week~

Ten Ways To Confuse a Child

“1.) If he’s yelling, yell at him: STOP YELLING! IT’S NOT NICE TO YELL. 

 2.)Tell him never to talk to strangers because it’s dangerous, but then tell him he is rude when he won’t say hello back to the cashier at the grocery store…” via Demand Euphoria

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