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~THE WEEKLY READER~September 19, 2011~

~The Weekly Reader~

September 19, 2011


The best parenting tips, stories, and articles from around the blogosphere! Grab a cuppa and enjoy!





~Quote of the week~

In Which A 2 Year Old Teaches You How To Pray

“With tears flowing down her cheeks, she bowed her sweet little head and simply said, “Jesus. Mommy. Daddy.” As she drifted off to sleep in my arms it struck me that such a simple prayer from a child’s heart could move the hand that created the universe.” via Emerging Mummy





~Christian parenting post of the week~

“My vision is to raise up children who will be a light in the darkness, who will see the value of putting others first and caring for the needy. It is to raise children who have an unquenchable thirst for learning and discovery, and are equipped with the ability to find the answers that they seek. I want them to have the courage to stand for what is right and even to take risks when risks are called for. I want them to be diligent, purposeful and decisive. I want them to be wise in the face of adversity. And when it is time to send them out into the world, I hope that they will change it for the better as they interact with those around them, like ripples on a pond.” via Hip Homeschool Moms
~Lol of the week~

15 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Doesn’t Suck and is Worth A Try

“11. Instant mute button.  Yep, 9 times out of 10 that inconsolable cry, the kind that breaks your heart and drives you a little nuts, can be completely allayed by a little nursing.  Take advantage of this because I don’t think they have invented the mute button for teenagers yet.” via Conscience Parenting

 ~Science/Psychology news of the week~

What Are The Possible Sensory Issues When A Child Won’t Eat?

“Your mouth is very sensitive, and the process of eating is more complicated than you may realize. Think about trying to swallow something when your mouth is numb from a dental procedure. For children with sensory processing challenges, eating can be similarly uncomfortable or even painful. Most children go through periods of extreme pickiness and may even skip some meals. Sensory processing problems can intensify these tendencies for young children.”




~Heartbreaking…You can help!~

Children In East Africa Need Help

“In Somalia, children are stumbling along for days, even weeks, on dangerous roads and with empty stomachs in search of food and water. Their crops failed for the third year in a row. All their animals died. They lost everything. Thousands are dying along the road before they find help in refugee camps.” via A Little Bit of All of It




~Extra! Extra! of the week~

 What Marriage Was Designed For

“A couple of people referred me to the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. I had never heard of the book, but as soon as I read the tagline I was floored: “What if God designed marriage to make us holy instead of happy?” Without even cracking it open, I already knew I agreed with every word (and yes, I highly recommend getting the book). Your marriage is designed to teach you something so profound and perspective-altering, and surprisingly little of it has to do with what you feel.” via Black and Married with Kids



~Extra! Extra! Extra! of the week~

8 Reasons to Let Your Kids Read Comics

My mom believed that reading is reading. She went to the ends of the earth to provide her students with every possible option in reading material, comic books included. Which, of course, worked to get her students reading. The truth is children need both variety and choice to become readers. Comics can be the variety children need and not just for reluctant readers. Of course, if comics get a reluctant reader reading, like in this story about Rose written by her mom, author Victoria Hanley, great!” via Imagination Soup

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